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Bought a 2007 Toyota Yaris here back in 2014! It has been incredibly reliable as I live in San Francisco and los Angeles and drive back and forth very often. I have had no problems with it and I will be buying my next car here very shortly! Everyone was so friendly to me!!! :)


Had a very pleasant experience. First time at a dealership of any kind.  And Gaby and his staff are very kind and patient. Gaby's knowledge of cars are impressive. I would def recommend first time buyers to this location. Valley Coach!


So happy that I found this dealership! Robert was patient not pushy at all and worked extremely hard to get me the car I wanted :) I would highly recommend checking them out!!!


If you are looking for a used car Certified By Gabby, look no further. Honest used car dealerships are dying breed but my experience with Gabby and his associate Robert is a living proof that we do have a used car dealership that put pride, honesty and integrity as their top  priority.

We like to think of Trump as a used car salesman but I like to point out that with a used car dealer like Gabby, the owner of the business, you can be assure that you get a test drive and a quality used car but with Trump, you get taken for a ride but end up with no car.

The business owner Gabby and his team - Robert and the rest, are honest and reliable people. Used car salesman and honesty and integrity usually are harder to find. So when you find one, it's important to let the world know.

I was buying a used car. I had done my research. Visited a few dealerships and dealt with a few private parties. When I found the car of my choice at Valley Coach, I went to visit.

From the beginning, the team was friendly, helpful, not trying to push any business and full of advice. I was able to have an open and honest conversation with them and get a fair price for my vehicle. I also did my own mechanic inspection and based on the minor issues I found with the car, Gabby offered to resolve them before I purchased the vehicle. So all in all, it took only about 5 days from the day I stepped in to the time I drove off with the car (all issues mechanical and otherwise, resolved).

Now, buying a used car is always taking some level of risk because no one can predict what can happen in the future to a car that is old and has had multiple owners. Hence, I would always advice used car buyers to get any car inspected by a mechanic. This will reveal any immediate issues with the car and provides full transparency in settling the deal.

As regards Valley Coach, my experience with them was better than any dealership - both larger and smaller, that I have had in the past.

If you are a novice at used car buying, I would start with Valley Coach to find a good car. There are many unreliable dealerships and private parties out there who would let you down. I hope Valley Coach continues to stay in business and sell reliable used cars for a long time to come.

Yesterday (Sunday 10-16-16), my wife and I stopped by to look at a car we were interested in. We met and talked to Mike & Robert, who work for Gaby (the owner of the business). As was explained to me, since they have a small lot (and I do mean small), most people find them on the internet. However, they do get customers from all over the place, buying and having the cars delivered to them. From what I saw, their inventory consisted of mid-to-higher end cars (BMW, Porsche, Acura, etc). They do keep the cars covered, with an outdoor tarp canopy. And all the cars looked clean, with no visible cosmetic damage.

As for their customer service, and friendliness, everything was top-notch! My wife and I spent about 3 hours there easy, talking with them about everything (from our families, to cars, to our retirement plans, etc.)

As for the deal, yes, it was completed! Having done the research (Consumer Reports, and Kelly's Blue Book), we made a fair opening bid, and negotiated a reasonable price for the car we were interested in! Personally, I always look for a win-win in haggling/negotiating, so that both parties walk away happy/satisfied with the deal!

Update: Noticed the day after purchase, that the hood struts were not doing a good job of holding up the hood. So I made a quick phone call, and explained the situation to Robert. He promptly ordered the struts, and directed me to a nearby auto repair shop to have them installed while I waited (less than 5 minutes)!! Thx again guys!

I live in Asheville, N.C. and have been looking for a particular truck for some time.  While looking on line, I found one at Valley Coach.  I called and asked them to send me some more pictures of the truck, including underneath the truck.  In an hour, I had them in my email. Buying a truck site unseen and all the way across the nation is a bit of a gamble.  However, their reviews were impeccable.  In addition, their response time to emails and returned calls were top notch.  I ultimately bought the truck and had it shipped to me.  It is in even better shape than they described it.  I can not be happier. I would strongly recommend Valley Coach to my own mother.........and she only gets the best!

Always enjoyable. They make buying a car a pleasant experience for myself, friends and family too! If they don't have  exactly what your looking for,  just ask them . They always seem to find a car perfect for me and my friends as well!  
 Thanks again to everyone at Valley Coach  :)!

Great customer service from Mike and Robert in the purchase of my vehicle. 
Very friendly, informative and professional in every aspect of the buying 
process. Thanks again guys.

We drove 3 house to look at a 2004 BMW x3, Robert was very honest about the car and realy took care of us.  I am pleased with the service and the staff, I would reccomend this dealer to anyone

What happens when a New York City kid moves to L.A. ?  I ll tell you what happens:  A reality check that you need to get a car !   SO - I must have been to at least 12 other dealerships looking for a vintage old bmw with a budget. Luckily I came across Gaby.

Gaby has been in the car business for over 30 years. He doesn't give you the run around. He's professional, direct, and cares about making a sale that fits you well.
I love this place. They never , ever, pressure sale you. You take your time.
I actually made Gaby drive all the way to Glendale to bring my car to a mechanic. And even though, he may have wanted to kick me ...lol... he kept his word and allowed me to have the car inspected by anybody i pleased.

You cannot say enough about the team at Valley Coach Co. These guys: Gaby & Robert are customer oriented. they are the most trustworthy dealership I have EVER come across & 5 thousand miles after purchasing my 98 BMW , I am still happier than ever with it.

If you're looking for a car - do yourself a favor - check these guys out. Chances are you'll find what you're looking for & save a lot of money too

Sincerely, Stefano

In 2008 I bought my wife an Audi A6 Avant  from Valley Coach in Van Nuys. I had some much help and assistance from both Robert and Gaby that I went back later when I needed a car and bought myself a great deal on a Mercedes Benz. I have also recommended Valley Coach to several friends and family members and they also now buy their cars from these guys.
The sales process is organic and there is absolutely no sales pressure, all you get is a quality product with quality customer service. Nothing is not too small for these guys to help with.
Thanks Robert and Gaby.

I have bought several cars from Valley Coach in Van Nuys for me and my family and have been super impressed with the knowledge and service of the people who work there. There vehicles are all honest cars and any major issues they have are fixed. If your looking to buy a used car you will NOT find a more honest dealership with integrity to match. I live 50% of the time in England and I still call Gaby, the owner, to seak advise on any car purchases in the UK. 

  • I was referred to Gaby by my neighbor who bought a car from him and was extremely satisfied. I can't say enough about how happy I am with the truck I got and how pleasant and easy the experience was. Gaby is really professional, extremely knowledgeable and absolutely reliable and trustworthy. Gaby went way beyond customer service to make sure I was getting the best car to fit my needs and I actually felt like he put my interests first instead of just trying to sell me a car. I know where I'm going the next time I need a car :)

  • I purchased a nice 2002 sports car from Valley Coach about 3 months ago and I want to report that I am very pleased with my purchase. Historically, I have always purchased new and used cars from larger auto dealerships.  I came across Valley Coach online while conducting a search for a specific car I wanted.  I called Valley Coach and talked to Mike to schedule a time to see the car (I asked Mike for the carfax and he faxed it over within the hour). At first, I must admit, I was a bit hesitant as I had never conducted business with a smaller auto dealer. But I must say, I was pleasantly surprised with Valley Coach.

    On my first visit, I did not purchase the car, but Mike and Robert were very helpful in answering all my questions. They were open and honest in disclosing all the information they had on the vehicle. It was a no pressure visit. I called a few days later with some follow-up questions and had the opportunity to speak to Gaby (the owner). Gaby answered all my questions and at the end of our conversation I decided to purchase the vehicle. I showed up to the dealer two days later and took ownership of a great vehicle.

    When I reflect on my experience at Valley Coach, I would describe it as honest and no pressure. These guys are about customer service during and after the sale, which is what makes all the difference. I would definitely do business with Valley Coach again. Mike, Robert and Gaby, thanks for a great experience and a beautiful car...

    I did call back a couple of weeks later with a question and to no surprise the team at Valley Coach was responsive and helpful.



    I have to say this place is the best .. All three of the guys know what there talking about.. I got a 2001 with 81,000 thousand miles on it.. I got a 4 year warranty and no pressure.. I almost did know know how to react with an incredibly knowledgable staff that goes out of their way for you.. This place is a Gem and they have been at that location for decades  .. Just great .. Thankyou guys .

    When you find an honest dealer who sells great cars at a fair price that's something you want to tell family, friends and anyone who is in the market for a new car.

    Valley coach is such a place.  I'd been as far as Torrance looking for a car and the irony is I bought a car literally five minutes from where I live and couldn't be happier.  This is essentially a family business run by Gaby and his wife and two long term salesmen Robert and Michael.  You've heard of high pressure sales people, how about no pressure sales people? They treat you as they would want to be treated.  They know the cars and they just want you to be happy because as they told me later much of their business is repeat business.  After buying my car from them I can see why.

    As for inventory, it runs from Lexus to Ford, to classic muscle cars.  They have a great selection of cars in excellent condition.

  • I found a Mercedes with all the right options in the AutoTrader being offered at Valley Coach. It is a smaller used car lot that doesn't really stand out from others on the same street. I was very impressed with Gaby. He is a sincere man and very knowledable about cars. The transaction was smooth and I was able to negociate a lower than advertised price.

    I bought my mercedes s500 here about 2 months ago, overall I'm very happy. He knew his car, and knew it was quality. Great service, and not too much haggling he knows he has quality cars, and is fair.

    So THRILLED!  Bought my 1st car, a Volvo s40 over 10 years ago and it's still going strong. Just purchased my 2nd car with them, a Nissan Rogue suv and it's gorgeous and looks BRAND NEW  for a 2011.  I would only buy a car from VALLEY COACH COMPANY and Gaby.  I've known him personally from my work over 14 years.  I just tell him what car I want and he miraculously finds it!! If you want a spotless, gorgeous, hot looking car/suv/truck your dream car is here or Gaby will find it. Wonderful car purchase working with Gaby, Robert and Mike.  Just like Family and no pressure selling. I'm just so happy with my car purchase and the whole purchase experience. Thank you!!!

    I stumbled on this place while walking down Van Nuys Blvd. I saw a Mustang inside that was kind of cool and I just kind of wandered in. Robert was there and he showed me the car. I took it for a spin and wound up buying it. After I took possession of the car, I found it had a fuel leak at the filler neck. They took it right back, no questions asked, fixed it and even put the new tags on it for me. A lot of dealers would shrug their shoulders at a customer calling back with a problem on a used car. Gaby and Robert had no idea what was wrong with the car or how much it would cost before saying they would take care of it. That's rare.

    They have a diverse inventory of well-maintained foreign and domestic vehicles. It's actually a cool place to look for a car because they carry many different types of vehicles with varying prices. It's good for the casual car shopper and the "oh, crap I need a car tomorrow" types as well. It is a very low pressure environment and both Robert and Gaby are easy to deal with. I don't usually take the time to write reviews about places, but these guys made the car-buying experience easy. They are good guys and I recommend them and their business.